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My public patents and publishes


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As an IBM Master Inventor, I contribute to IBM's patent portfolio and also mentor inventors to drive innovation and technology within the company. Here are some of examples of my recent work.

Granted Patents


Research Publications

2020 - The Science Library: Curation and visualization of a science gateway repository
Dave Braines, Jane Stockdill‚ÄźMander, Eunjin Lee
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

2019 - The Science Library: A Controlled Natural Language driven Science Gateway
Eunjin Lee, Dave Braines
11th International Workshop on Science Gateways
2019 - Developing the sensitivity of LIME for better machine learning explanation
E Lee, D Braines, M Stiffler, A Hudler, D Harborne
Annual Fall Meeting of the Distributed Analytics and Information Science International Technology Alliance, AFM DAIS ITA
2018 - An Analysis of Reliability Using LIME with Deep Learning Models
M Stiffler, A Hudler, E Lee, D Braines, D Mott, D Harborne
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Multi-Domain Operations Applications

Technical Publishes

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