Ellie Eunjin Lee

IBM Front-End Developer | Designer | Inventor

After studying Physics at King's College London, I am working at IBM Hursley as a software developer. Currently, I work in the CICS Design Team, designing and developing innovative web applications.


Over the last four years I have consistently developed clean, efficient and reusable code for many web projects. Here are some highlights of my work.

Phoenix Dashboard


Swim in the sea of test results

API Journey Tool


Empowering sellers and clients to discover the API Economy

Generation z


Revitalize the mainframe!



How enterprise product pages are built


What have I been up to?

Winning the 2016 Fishackathon, Amsterdam - Let's stop illegal fishing

17 May 2016

I finished my first year of the PGCert in Global Health!

21 Aug 2017

Mum I'm famous! I'm went to London for the you^IBM Photoshoot

25 Jul 2017

IBM Mailhack - organising a Hackathon to re-design the UK's postal service

24 May 2017

UN Humanitarian Hack, Istanbul. How we empowered smallholding farmers

06 Jun 2017

IBM HursleyHack - organising IBM UK's first internal Hackathon!

24 March 2016