About Me

My name is Eunjin Lee but most people call me Ellie! I was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the UK when I was five. Currently I work in IBM Emerging Technologies as a Developer & Designer, bridging the gap between research and industry. Outside my core role I am an IBM Senior Inventor - I have 9 patent files and 15 publishes, ranging from biometric authentication methods to smart restaurant analytics. I also like to participate and organise international Hackathons on my weekends.

My main interest is in applying technology to health and humanitarian causes, actively participating in Hackathons and collaborating on projects in this area. I am taking the PGCert Global Health Course at Manchester in my spare time to learn more about the challenges and developments of this space. If you're interested too, let's chat!


I design and develop user-centered solutions. I work on projects from the initial concept, through to the UX, prototyping and development of the product - working closely with stakeholders and end-users everystep of the way.


I specialise in the design and development of Proof of Technology projects - rapidly iterating through designs to accelerate the initial development cycle. I work with mixed fidelity design tools and various Front-End frameworks to develop the MVP. To tie it all together, I write APIs and server-side scripts using Node.js and Java.


I am an IBM Senior Inventor, holding 15 patent files and 20+ publishes. I am a part of the CICS Invention Development Team and a patent mentor. I organise, participate and judge at Hackathons around the world. I focus my work on humanitarian and health challenges and have alongside the UN, WWF and WHO to create innovative technical solutions.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java
Node.js, Express, Angular 2
Illustrator, InVision, Sketch, Photoshop

Career Summary

  • Front End Developer | CICS Design Team 2017
  • Software Developer | CICS Continuous Integration Team 2015-2017
  • Technical Intern | IBM Extreme Blue 2014
  • Education Summary

  • Physics Msci 1st Class Hons - King's College London
  • Global Health PGCert - University of Manchester

  • For a more details about my career and education, visit my Linkedin page. Also, check out someof the projects I've done recently!

    Contact Me

    Drop me a line - eunjin.lee8@gmail.com

    Tweet me - @EllieEJLee